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Professional Contemporary Dance Programs

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About NOD


Nuova Officina della Danza strives to be a generative meeting space where dance is seen as an expression of one’s uniqueness, and where bodies express, first of all, vitality.


With this in mind, NOD seeks to train daring dancers, willing to tackle a rigorous yet flexible dance program.

For NOD, what characterizes a daring dancer is not the absence of fear but, on the contrary, a willingness of embracing and processing one's own vulnerabilities.

NOD’s intent is to generate a change for dancers, teachers, and anyone else part of the program. To encourage and support their personal and professional growth, and create an environment, through a thoughtful organization of time and space, that facilitates, literally and not, any leaps forward.


Study at NOD


La Nuova Officina della Danza (NOD) si propone come luogo d’incontro generativo dove la danza è intesa come espressione della propria unicità, dove i corpi parlano ed esprimono vitalità. A questo fine la NOD si propone prima di tutto di formare danzatori audaci, aperti a un percorso di crescita personale e professionale attraverso una proposta didattica rigorosa e allo stesso tempo flessibile.

Presente sul territorio torinese dal 2010 sotto la direzione artistica di Silvana Ranaudo, la proposta NOD si snoda in tre direzioni: International Contemporary Dance Program (ICD), NOD Mentoring Exchange Program e Nuova X Professional Dance Program, progetto quest’ultimo diretto dal coreografo Tom Weinberger che si avvia alla prima edizione a settembre del 2022.

Questi tre programmi riflettono il nucleo della proposta NOD: l’integrazione dei riferimenti ai vari linguaggi della danza contemporanea, la centralità del rapporto allievo-insegnante e la validità, e vitalità, delle collaborazioni e dell’apprendistato con danzatori professionisti.

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NOD and the city

NOD maintains well-established collaborations with important organizations in the Turin cultural scene including:
Torino Danza Festival and Interplay, with which Nod organizes masterclasses with prominent companies hosted by the festivals.
DAMS Torino, with which an active dialogue on practice and theory has been established over the years with students invited to attend open rehearsals of resident choreographers.
Genau and Nod recently formed a partnership, which led to the creation of the special
"IMPRONTA - Movers Challenge" an experimental dance battle that invaded Turin's most acclaimed club night in which male and female dancers, including from abroad, competed to the techno sounds of DJ Gandalf at Azimut Club.

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Ph. Alena Egorkina

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